Who We Are

The vision of Authentic Church is for individuals to have a view of God that leads them to salvation in Jesus Christ, to develop real relationships, and then to discover and live out the purpose God has for them.  We call this the VIP Journey:

  • View God Correctly.  We do this by being a life-giving church where people can connect with God and experience His presence in a REAL way.
  • Invest in Relationships with God and other.  This happens within the framework of our small groups.  Our acGroups are the key to developing REAL relationships and growing in our walk with God.
  • Purpose discovered and live it out.  God created you with a unique plan and purpose for your life and we want to help fulfill it in the REAL world.

Our Values

  • Fun: We believe that in Chris is full of joy and that church should be the same.
  • Generous: Christ gave his life for us and this is the example that we follow.
  • Empowering: We believe that every person has a God-given vision and we want to help you discover it and fulfill it.
  • Excellence: We strive to give God our best and in doing so He receives all the glory.

Our Pastor

Josh and his wife Jolene both grew up in Tuscarawas County.  Josh, a New Philadelphia alumni, and Jolene from indian Valley.  God has placed within them a supernatural love for this area and that is why in 2007 they moved back to Tuscarawas County and took a role of Family Pastor at Christian Life Family.  Josh and Jolene have four amazing children, Kaleb, Kaidyn, Kylan, and Kinsley.  In 2011, God began to challenge them to take a step of faith and plant a church in the Tuscarawas County.  After much prayer and with the support of Christian Life Family, they began to prepare themselves for this step.  They have been blessed to be able to be trained and coached by ARC (Association of Related Churchs) and are now expected to live out God's vision for their lives, helping others fulfill their vision.

Pastor Josh McDonald & Family