Join the Team

As a team member, do whatever it takes to remove obstacles for people to encounter God.


Description of Responsibilities and Commitment:


Serve when scheduled - If you have a conflict, you must notify your Dream Team Leader. Communication is crucial for effectively serving our guests with excellence and building team community.


Be on time, attend the pre-service rally, and check-in - You will meet with the team 30 minutes before the service to pray, receive position assignments, and other service-specific instructions.


“Worship One, Serve One” - Our desire is for all team members to attend (worship) one service and serve the next, or serve one service and attend (worship) the next. We encourage everyone to offer worship to the Lord, with song and serve; in hearing the Word and demonstrating it.


Prepare in prayer - Pray for God’s heart for people each and every time you serve.  Ask God how you can put someone else at ease, for the Lord to use you today, and how you can most authentically demonstrate His love.  Pray for Heaven’s heart and Heaven’s hands.


Serve with heart, commitment and excellence - We want you serving in your gifts and passions; in ministry that is an overflow of love and enjoyable to you.  If this ministry is not a fit, if you would like to investigate a new ministry team or if you need a break from serving for a season, do not hesitate to let your Dream Team Leader know. This is why they are here - to walk through life with you!


Attend Dream Team Leadership Meetings held once a quarter.

Join The Team